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Quick & Easy Recipes

Meal Plan System

What is holding you back sitting down with your family for dinner?

For most people I know, the problem holding them back from having family dinners is having a plan.

Just as you would plan out a project at work, you could benefit from making a plan for your weekly family dinners.  A dinner plan helps you in many ways, and I’ve come up with a system that:

  • Saves time & Money
  • Correlate your meals based on your activities
  • Make meals your family enjoys
  • Has your Meal Plan & Grocery List is on ONE sheet of paper
  • Slowly introduce one new balanced meal a week
  • Empower and facilitate family members for participation

I personally created, and use, this dinner plan method on a weekly basis because I too have busy family and found the need to simplify my life.  I’d like to share the plan with you for free, no strings attached.  And the beauty of the plan is that it doesn’t rely on technology or new products  — it’s just a methodology.  My instructions will help you schedule your weekly family meals quickly and easily.

Here are the next steps:

1. Download my instructions and worksheet. In order for this to work you must print the “Meal Plan Worksheet” on the front and back side of one sheet of paper.
2. Follow the directions on the sheet.

 A Couple of Key Points When Creating a Weekly Dinner Plan:

  • Consider your daily activities and how much time you have to make dinner. It’s always best to prepare as much as you can on your free time, making the weeknight dinner is quick and easy.  For example, if you go shopping on Sunday, prep what you can at that time.
  • When selecting your meals, take into consideration show much time you have to make the meal.
  • Work on balancing the weeks meals based on a protein for each day. For example, I like to start with having fish on Sunday, then move to Chicken on Monday, Pork on Tuesday, Steak on Wednesday, etc.  You can then easily compliment with a vegetable and complex carbohydrate around each meal.  Take a peek at my example in the linked document.
  • Another suggestion I have is to only try one new recipe per week. If you try more than one new recipe a week, you could  get overwhelmed and will turn you off to cooking and back to “drive through lane.”
  • Make sure your family participates in selecting the week’s meals and post the dinner plan in a common area for all to see.
  • Good luck!  And remember if you’d like for me to come into your home and teach you how create quick and easy family meals, I am available for in-home cooking classes in the Cincinnati area.

Here’s a video of how to use the Meal Plan System: