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Juicy Spring Chicken with Mild Lemon Sauce

Posted On: April 13, 2010

Just like I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts, reversing the cooking processes and roasting the chicken [...]

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Posted On: April 08, 2010

When I tell people I am an affiliate marketer people usually nod their heads as if they know [...]

Tried & Tested Menu for your next dinner party: Couples Cooking Class

Posted On: March 07, 2010

Looking for that perfect meal to make for your next dinner party or family gathering?  Look no further [...]

Roasted & Seared Chicken breasts… tender, juicy and delicious!

Posted On: February 18, 2010

Tried Cooks Illustrated recent recipe from their March & April 2010 issue titled “A New Way to Pan-Sear [...]

Cooking Cuban at Home Cooking Class

Posted On: February 15, 2010

Personally speaking Cuban food is my comfort food. Growing up in a Cuban-American home with my Abuela (grandmother) [...]

South Floridian has the Winter Blues

Posted On: February 10, 2010

My friends & family are already tired of hearing me complain about the snow and cold weather in [...]

Rodriguez-Hakes Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner – Brining the bird for the first time….

Posted On: November 25, 2009

I love to research recipes. Part of the fun of cooking is to see what everyone else had [...]

Freezing Potato Soup?

Posted On: October 28, 2009

Received a question from a reader today: “I was just wondering if you have ever had any experience [...]

Foods That Help Your Immunity

Posted On: October 15, 2009

Most of you know my kids have been sick, along with the rest of the kids on our [...]

overeating all in your mind? How can we control our portions?

Posted On: October 10, 2009

Finally reading my October issue of Cooking Light magazine this Saturday morning and ran across an interesting article [...]