South Floridian has the Winter Blues

My friends & family are already tired of hearing me complain about the snow and cold weather in Cincinnati.  I know the North East has it worse.. but it doesn’t make me feel any better.

As I sit here, with a glass of wine at hand (A Spanish Crianza “Castillo de Fuendejalon” from ’06 I found for $10), moping and upset about the foot of snow outside and my cold feet, I am trying to find ways of making it better.  So let’s brainstorm…

1. Enjoy a glass of wine (doing in moderation of course.)

2. Bring the laptop by the fireplace so I can get some work done

3. make a pot of soup or chili — comfort food on a long winter day!

4. update your blog

5. play a board game with the family

6. rent or order a movie using pay per view (so you don’t have to leave the house).

7. make smores & hot chocolate

8. Close your eyes and visualize the warm ocean air while on a yacht cruising the waterways in Miami, FL.

Ahh.. I guess thinking about all the blessings I have is making me feel a lot better. Still cold… still going to be a pain in the ‘rear’ until Spring …

Come on mother nature, bring on the 40 – 50 degree weather.

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