Learn about living with Alzheimers, Retirement issues in the wake of financial collapse of ’08

“Retirement Revolution” focuses on the stories of seniors who are planning for their futures in the wake of the financial collapse of 2008. The broadcast also highlights living with Alzheimer’s disease, featuring interviews with Alzheimer’s Association staff members Bill Thies, Beth Kallmyer and two former Early Stage Advisors, Mimi Steffen and Gary Shelton.

Find out what time your local PBS station is broadcasting “Retirement Revolution.”

Or watch a clip of the segment online. Just click where it says “Living with Alzheimer’s.”

On a personal note….

Please get involved and educate yourself!  I wish I knew more about Alzheimers before my father was diagnosed. By then it was too late and my family and I suffered through multiple “deaths of who he was” until his last breath over 2 years ago.  He was only 76 – and before getting sick, he was full of life and had tons of energy.  I miss him.

If we would have known and understood the signs perhaps we would have made different decision and led dad on another path.  We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it and pray we can make better decisions in the future.  It start with education.

Join me in watching this show and learning more.

With love,


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