Lessons from the past for memories of the future

I am treasuring the time my mom and I are spending together during her visit with us in Cincinnati.  Not only is she a HUGE help to me around the house and with the kids, I cherish the times we have to talk and reminisce over the past.

Yesterday we talked about how much we miss my grandmother, who’s been gone almost 14 years – but seems like just yesterday.  We also remembered our battle with my dad’s mind, and how much it pains us that Alzheimer’s took his last years.

In reflecting on our conversation I realize we tend to question ourselves all the time; could have, would have, should have!  We need to understand that we did the best we could with the information and knowledge we had at the time.  I do believe we should learn from our experiences…. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

– when our memory starts to give way, we need to seek help immediately from professionals (several if necessary).

– when our loved ones makes irrationals decisions, we need to be strong enough to help them (even though it causes some friction)!

– take hold of the quiet times where you can discuss and learn from your parents’ and grandparents’ history (I love hearing the stories of my mother growing up in Cuba!)

– take lots of pictures & video

– document special family recipes; make them often

– listen more than you speak

– tell your family members you love them each and every time you see them

– teach your children the importance of family bonding

– reduce the noise surrounding our lives and create our own family memories

What are yours? Comment here and let me know.


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