Got Grapes? Cuban New Year’s Eve Tradition

As long as I can remember, growing up as a kid in Miami, we would race to see who could eat the most grapes at the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve. Why would anyone do that? Simple, it’s a Cuban/Spanish Tradition!

This Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes at the stroke of Midnight on New Year’s Eve dates back to 1909 when unusual weather conditions in Spain resulted in an excess harvest of grapes. At a loss over what to do with the excess crop during December, the grape growers came up with the idea of the New Year’s ritual of eating 12 grapes at midnight.

Now, it’s not just eating the 12 grapes; the fun (and good luck) begins when you eat the 12 grapes between Midnight and 12:01am! If you did, you were said to have good luck for the upcoming year. My aunt says it’s a wish for each grape! “¡Un deso por uva!”

So I challenge you, this New Year’s Eve, to have 12 grapes ready for each person celebrating New Years Eve with you.

Then… how about you post pictures of you and your friends eating grapes on my Facebook page. Don’t forget to tag yourself!!

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  1. Peter Alcantara says:

    My parents would take my sister and me to my grandparents and we would play with our cousins, watch Dick Clark then drink sidra and eat grapes at the stroke of midnight. My Abuelita would peel the grapes which I now do for my family. There are some things uniquely Cuban like 12 grapes, roast pig and royal violets.

    I look forward to reading your blog. Feliz Ano Nuevo!

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